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Hot swapping of controller parameters

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Victor Bruun
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Hot swapping of controller parameters



I am building an ebike using a VESC controller. The controller seems really good, but there is a functionality i really think it needs! 


For bikes, it can sometimes be nice to switch the motor controller to different preconfigured profiles on the fly e.g. if you meet someone who you would like ride along with. 

I don't see how this can be done in the current firmware, but please enlighten me! 

- Victor

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The easiest thing would be to go into the phone app and limit the battery current assuming you want to give it to someone to ride and save them from injuries. Most people I've seen hopping on a performance bike seem to think it's still a bicycle but in reality, it's a motorcycle.

Another way is to configure one of the pins on the controller to act as a limiter (requires programming skills).



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