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I have a BRH5065-140kV outrunner with a Flipsky 4.12, and I need a very simple setup with my throttle (0,8-2,6V). Linear speed with max torque, and full freewheeling when the throttle is in neutral.

In ADC Duty Cycle, I have linear speed (don't know about the torque, I'm not that far in my testing), but the motor is braking, and the current seems to be 0-0,10A. CH1 and CH2 clearly shows 0,0%, so I don't think it's the mapping. (I do not have CH2, but haven't figured out how to disable it).

In ADC Current, the motor is freewheeling when the throttle is in neutral, but then the speed is either on or off. It gives 100% at around 1V.


This is a screenshot, and for lack of a better place I posted it on Facebook.