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more ADC options

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more ADC options


I am new to vesc and im not very good with programing

i bought a flipsky 6.6 PLUS and flipsky 6374 190kv 3250w motors

For batteries im using 2 Lead acid 22A batteries in series

I am building a very fast ride on car for my son

my idea is to have an acceleration pedal, a brake pedal and a reverse button on ADC imput 

ADC1 acceleration pedal

ADC2 brake pedal

ADC3 reverse switch

Also it will be very nice if i can have a remote override the ADC inputs (PPM and ADC with PPM override)

with this version ov vesc it is very difficult to switch betwin inputs and most of the time i have to setup the input app to make it work

thank you



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I am looking to do exactly the same thing, did you ever find a solution for this desired configuration? I am not too worried about a remote override.

I am thinking as the VESC can do all of these things, maybe this could be achieved with an electronic module in between the pedals and the VESC. I am in the process of exploring this option now.

I am thinking a servo tester used to interface between a hall sensor pedal and the VESC (this has already been done and works), with some circuit using op amps in a voltage divider/follower configuration, an output of 0-5v could possibly be achieved using 2 pedals. The mid range voltage approx 2.5v should be seen on output with both pedals up, some circuitry to make the brake pedal override the accelerator pedal should also be added.