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ADC and arrow input dont work

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ADC and arrow input dont work

Hi guys,


i have issue with my vesc tool 1.25 or vesc(flipsky 4.12), i am not sure which one.

yesterday i was able to connect vesc with vesc tool and run bldc as well as foc, arrow keys and adc motor control was also working fine.

today i tried to connect hc-05 bluetooth module making sure i connected wires the right way with no success.

and after that motor control does not work anymore :( 

with arrow keys i am not getting anything in rt data tracking windows 

and adc control is acting weird, ramping up randomly, i dont have control of throtle.


please help me figure out whats wrong. i will provide u ss if u need any for troubleshooting.

ive checked vesc and it seem fine, nothing is fried .


EDIT: its fine i just did a read default values and turn off app xd