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SpaceVESC, a modular small VESC

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SpaceVESC, a modular small VESC

Hello Guys, 

i would like to introduce my VESC-Design, which i ve made for my bachelors thesis. Its called SpaceVESC because it is used in our lab for the control of reaction wheels on a CubeSat test bench. The main benefit of this design is, that the logic-pcb can easily detached from the power-pcb.  For our lab we want to use different power-modules in the future so we dont have to care about the logic part all the time. 

Here is the schematic, which is like the vesc6:



The Motors we ve used with this controller are 200W-Motors in FOC-Mode and they re running very well.

The desired power is 35V and 20A in this configuration. But I haven't tested the maximum power yet. 

And here are some pictures of the VESC


SpaceVESC with VESC6 just to see dimensions
SpaceVESC with VESC6 to see dimensions

If you like you can give some feedback for REV1. 




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Very nice! I would probably change the 10uF 50v ceramics to few electrolytic to reduce cost, but since this is for space stuff I guess that was your reasoning.

Are you planning to remove the motor connector and shorten pcb? Otherwise I might add some more mounting points at the end of the board to remove strain from the connector.

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Nice design. Good to see some more VESC-based designs in the scientific environment. The 10uF SMD caps will create quite some inrush current.

If you like you can get in touch with us to see how we can help you to refine your design. Benjamin always has some good ideas...

With regards to the name: If you want to put the design into the wild, do some reading here: