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adding electronic freewheel function

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adding electronic freewheel function

Would you please add electronic freewheel function to the vesc for direct drive motors?

one of the main reasons why ebikes ususally use geared motors is because there is more drag in direct drives. in geared motors they use a one way clutch to overcome this drag.

a electronic freewheel recognizes the drag and reduces this electronically to near zero. some of the advanced ebike controllers are using this now and it overcomes one of the largest disadvantages of direct drive.



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Could you not add a mechanical freewheel on your ebike to overcome this problem?

But that would be great to add this functionality to the vesc.. 

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@th0masrtg:  OP is talking about direct drive hub motors. How are you gonna put a one-way clutch between a motor that IS the wheel-hub, and the rest of the wheel?  The freewheel clutch would have to be integrated into the rotor, allowing the outside of the motor to freewheel relative to the permanent magnets in one direction. As far as I know, no such setup exists. And with that in mind, it would probably be easier to electronically reduce or eliminate the motor's cogging resistance than to design and build a motor/wheel as I just described.

I agree that electronic freewheeling would be a useful feature to add to VESC tool for ebikes. Probably best implemented as another drive mode. When motor sensors detect movement without any throttle command, controller actuates magnets just enough in such a way that cogging is counter-acted.