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VESC for turbomachine testing - max ERPM?

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VESC for turbomachine testing - max ERPM?

I'm eventually going to conduct some testing of some hydrodynamic air bearings with turbomachine test rig. The nominal operating speed is 164,000 rpm however it may have to go as high as 181,000 rpm. It probably won't run for very long so high reliability isn't super important.

Currently we are planning to use a Celeroton controller for this however it costs tens of thousands of dollars so we have to interrupt another test to borrow this. I want to be certain there isn't anything cheaper and more compact that could work. The version of the Celeroton controller is designed for a 24-48 VDC input and a max of a 1000W, however the air bearing test rig probably won't draw more than 100W in the steady-state.

I saw that the high-end VESC seems like it won't have any problem with the voltage and current requirements, but the listed ERPM limit of 150,000 is a little too low to work. Does anyone know if there is any way this can be increased to maybe 200,000? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for something that might be able to work that isn't obnoxiously expensive?

This is everything I know about the motor:

  • Single pole pair
  • 46 V line-to-line peak (19 VRMS line-to-neutral) which I think is at the nominal speed of 161,000 rpm

I don't have any coil inductance or resistance info yet, unfortunately.



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Maybe the 75/300 can go up that fast on a motor with a single pole pair (inrunner). I'll check that for you.