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hello good, can someone tell me how to get to the main page of vesc tool where the engines are configured? I have downloaded vesc tool but I can't get to the page where the youtube tutorials explain the settings ... I don't know if I have to download something else ... ?? Thank you

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Left menu, top of the menu is Welcome and Wizards. That loads the front page and bottom of that you will find the wizards.


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I am a VESC tool beginner (v 3.01)

My ESC is FS mini 50 A FSESC 4.20, My motor FS 6354-140, source is PSU 16 V CCCV

In "Duty control" (servo tester 1.0 ms  ... 2.0 ms) the speed seems constant and not adjustable/variable via the ppm

I don't reach at 16 V the max rpm as I get with a conventional CC Phoenix 60A 6S (WOT = 2490 rpm), with VESC i reached a constant 2236 rpm)

rpm ratio (VESC / Classical RC ESC) is around 0.9