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Bluetooth "ignition key"

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Bluetooth "ignition key"


I'm using VESC 4.12 for my e-scooter build and it's working flawlessly. I've also connected a Bluetooth module to the VESC to be able to do everything with the mobile app which is also works great.

The mobile app and Bluetooth module got me thinking that it would be awesome to be able to "lock" my e-scooter such that the VESC only feeds current for the motor if it's connected to particular mobile phone, working as kind of an ignition key. Of course there would also be a normal power switch but the needed Bluetooth connection would prevent unwanted usage of my e-scooter.

Maybe a some kind of pin code would be required for the first pairing or something like that.

Hope others find this idea interesting too!


Topias Korpi

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I'm not aware of any VESC Bluetooth Security. There are RFID switches out there though, so you basically make a button only work if you're the owner using RFID.