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Feature request: Raw hall data.

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Roger Wolff
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Feature request: Raw hall data.



I have extracted: 


from my own VESC. Here we can see the positions where the hall sensor changes state. 


Now on the VESC6 I get: 


where the observer seems to track the BEMF pretty nicely. However when I do: "detect hall sensors" I get a generic: bad result recieved. I need help figuring out what is wrong.... When everything works, VESC-tool is nice, but when things don't work, it doesnt' provide enough hints to figure out what is wrong. 


In the case at hand, I have tested with my scope that the hall sensors provide reasonable data. So I would like to see that the VESC also thinks that all three signals are moving up and down. So for example, the plot above, with BLDC_HALL_TABLE[threebitshall] would be useful to see. If say one signal is not coming through, that would be easy to spot: Only four entries used. 

Edit: added my terminal command that allows me the extraction of the first picture. I see: 

0 0 0 (0/0) 0 32 76

0 1 0 (2/2) 0 78 37

0 0 0 (0/0) 81 0 33

1 0 1 (5/5) 39 0 77

0 0 0 (0/0) 0 38 81

0 1 0 (2/2) 0 82 45


so evidently something is wrong with my hardware. But it would be nice to have some help from  VESC-tool in finding this.... 

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Hey, Do you know how to get access to stator currents for each phase? I need to log the stator current data for each phase.

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This should be easy to add. I will look into it.

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Hey Ben,

I've got a similar issue and request. With respect to some HW support from VESC tool. I'm building some of my own hardware and it be awesome to quickly be able to just test all the inputs and outputs via terminal even if possible. For eg Hall pin states as 1 or 0 respectively. Or ADC 1 and 2 available outside the control setup wizard.  Lastly. it be nice to have a section where I can say I know what the heck i'm doing and even invoke the PWM pins to output. Or Phase voltage and current pins just showing some non graphed raw values to just make sure nothing is floating and all hw is in check. I assume this would be very straight forward in terminal. A bit more involved in a GUI. Also I suppose if PWM is invoked on a fully built controller you will blow stuff up :D. Any how. love your work and I will donate shortly when I can.





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Just to second OP's point: Having the plots for debugging would be really nice :)