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Vesc 6 Hardware layout releasing "in the near future"

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Vesc 6 Hardware layout releasing "in the near future"


I am a college student currently looking to build my own Vesc 6 and I have started working with a group of people who have one that is semi working but it has coging and random overcurrent issues. The point is I saw about a month and a half ago Benjamin posted on this website under hardware documentation that a official layout will be available soon. Though since it has been a month and there has been no update or reply to my comment there. What is Benjamin's definition of soon, I do not mean this in a condescending way, I just want to know if it is worth it to continue work on our own derivative or not if it is only for personal use? Because at this point it is getting expensive and we have no clue what is going wrong really. So my question is really 2 fold. 1. Do you think that "soon" means a month or a year+? 2. If it's closer to the year mark what would cause the Vesc to show a current draw of +- 4 amps when the motor is off a pole and not pulling any current from the PSU. It also seems to be blowing the current shunt amplifiers all the time during testing, has anyone seen anything like this before, could a 2 layer board be too thin and interference could mess with something?

Also, I should say if this is the wrong place to post this, I am sorry I have lurked for a long while but I just got an account to post on the hardware page so I am relatively new to this. Feel free to move the post or tell me and I will move the post if this is not the right place!


Thank you all for your time!


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Regarding the hardware of the project, here are some Benjamin's statements :

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If you post some pictures of your board / layout we might be able to diagnose the issue.