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VESC 4.7 old firmware update issue

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VESC 4.7 old firmware update issue

Dear all, 

After wiring up an old VESC 4.7 to use in a current project, the VESC software states the detected firmware is too old, but can however be updated from the firmware page. 

After flashing the default 46&47 firmware (assuming this stands form 4.6 and 4.7) as listed in the VESC tool firmware tab, the software still displays the old firmware version (and thus stays in limited communication mode). The program itself states that, if after updating the firmware and additional reboot the old firmware is still shown, there might be a missing boot loader.

After installing the ...&47&... boot loader from the boot loader tab (which only takes a few seconds ?) and again flashing the 46&47 default firmware, the same issue remains. Old firmware is displayed and the controller stays in limited communication mode.

  • Did I perform the above steps in the correct order?
  • Did I select the correct firmware, or can I download a most recent .bin file somewhere online? 
  • Is there at the end anything more I can do to get the controller out of limited communication mode?


Thanks in advance, 


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I am having the exact same issue, only with a old Flipsky V6.6-DK. It does work, motor spins and all, but I remain in Limited mode. Firmware V3.57. Tried updating the Bootloader. same.

Did you find a solution for your problem?