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Anyone building DRV8350 based VESC?

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Anyone building DRV8350 based VESC?

I have been interested in using VESC for low cost e-bike projects for quite some time, but the 60V limit has always been a major problem. I see that TI now has the new 100V DRV8350 shipping and it seems rather similar to the DRV8301 VESC uses. The DRV8350 comes in 40-Pin WQFN package rather than the 8301's 56-Pin HTSSOP package so it's not quite a drop in replacement, but it seems close. Price wise, the DRV8350 and DRV8301 are nearly the same on digikey.

So a higher voltage VESC would need a different layout for the driver ship, higher voltage capacitors and MOSFETs. What else?

Has anyone already started on this? I suspect the market for VESC based e-bike products would be similar or larger than skateboards.

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We have been looking into it, and we currently work on designing some new hardware with prototypes coming soon. There are plans for a 75V or 100V version of the VESC6 (with lower current limits and maybe low side shunts) in the near future.