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Canbus slave control in duty cycle mode not working correctly

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Canbus slave control in duty cycle mode not working correctly

When running 2 VESCs connected by canbus the slave doesn't respond as expected.  Master is set to UART+PPM and set to duty cycle mode and works as expected.  Slave is set up using wizards but does not appear to run in duty cycle control.  I've also tried setting up manually with same result.  Firmware 1.07, 1.08 tested.  Not tried with older versions.

Turning the master by hand results in the slave turning in the opposite direction.  Both run in the correct direction when commanded but the slave appears to be in current control.  E.g. the master is delivering full power but the slave is not.  I have checked the traction control is switched off. I also tried with traction control on but got the same result.

Is this expected behaviour, or should both VESCs run in duty cycle mode when the master is set to duty cycle.

I couldn't find any other settings that seemed relevant to fix the issue although tried changing most of the options.

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I had a quick look, and this is actually a bug in the PPM control mode. I will fix it in the next days and push the updates.