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How to determine motor size in wizard, hub motors ?

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How to determine motor size in wizard, hub motors ?

Great tool thank you !

From the image choices for motor size in the  wizard, I just see images of motor size, weight, and type. Yes simple setup wizard.

 Not really sure which one to choose for size, I don't know the weight, but they're out runner motors, hub motors for skate board.

I've done the detections  for mini = 10 amps, small = 17 amps, medium = 27 amps, these are unloaded tests. Are these the settings I'm supposed to use  for motor max ?

The motor specs listed are 500 watts cont. 1300 watts max, and 50 amps. The specs were tested with 6s and I'm running 10s if that makes a difference.

I'm running them on a Flipsky 4.20 like my buddy who has it set to 30 motor amps for now, can we safely go to 50 amps ?

Hub Motor Specs

Tested on 6S. Results will vary with higher voltage but this is provided as a general guideline.
Motor Size:74.5mm * 52mm
Wheel Size – 90mm Diameter 52mm Wide 78A Duro
Maximum Heat – 50-60°C, Max 80°C / 122-140°F, Max 176°F
Voltage – 6S-12S   24-36V
Peak Rated Power – 1300W
Continous Output Power – 500W
Max Current – 50A
Unit Weight: 1.285kg
Suitable Voltage: 24-36V
Max. Speed: 28km/h  35km/h 40km/h  (depend on battery and VESC)
Rated ​Power: 500W
Empty Load RPM: 2620rpm
Empty Load Current: 500ma
Efficiency: 85%




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Any luck?  I am trying to get hub motors to work as well and can get them to detect but wont run at low speed or detect teh halls.