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Combat Robot Mods

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Combat Robot Mods

With this controller gaining more and more usage in the combat robot world we robot dudes will need some special features that wouldn't normally be necessary for skateboards.

I was thinking of diving into the firmware modification myself, but I'm hoping somebody who is more familiar with the project could maybe give it a go, or at least tell me if it is even possible.

So in combat robotics it's possible for one of the drives to fail mid-match. So even though information needs to be shared across controllers having one controller drop out needs to not affect the others.

The function I need to see right now is when multiple Motors are connected to the same load. I would like each controller to have its own pwm speed input, but have the controllers share the current equally through CAN. So what I am thinking is that controller will look at the amperage of the other controllers and put out the same amps as the highest number.

Ideally there would be a Zone around zero, say +- 2% where no braking would occur, then another Zone around zero say from +- 2% to +-5% where braking would occur down to zero, and then speed control from +- 5% to +- 100%.  The braking and coasting zones could be reversed if necessary.

Is this even possible?