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Sensored FOC not working

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Sensored FOC not working

Hey! I'm new to this forum and VESC in generalsmiley

I'm trying to run sensored FOC mode, but the motor is jerking basically, please take a look at video I've recorded.

My setup is VESC-tool 0.94, VESC: HW 410, FW 3.38, Sensor: AMT102-V

Both, motor and sensor are detected fine. BLDC and sensorless FOC modes are working fine.

When I start using arrow keys to control the motor in sensored FOC mode, this happens:

Any ideas what is wrong?

I use 12V PSU whereas motor is rated as 6s, but may undervoltage cause this?


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Yes, it could be part of the problem. Are you sure you hall offset test was a success?