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Write Motor Configuration - not working

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Write Motor Configuration - not working


I am using the VESC Tool 0.95 and the last version of the VESC firmware (dowloaded from github in November 2018). I am dialoguing to the VESC through the GPIO_AF_USART3 (UARTD3),
From the VESC Tool I am able to write the App configuration to the VESC flash and read it. But I am not able to write the motor configuration (but I am able to read it).

The issue is here: "packet.c"

	case 3: //when payload length is registered => store all the variables
		handler_states[handler_num].rx_buffer[handler_states[handler_num].rx_data_ptr++] = rx_data;
		if (handler_states[handler_num].rx_data_ptr == handler_states[handler_num].payload_length) {
		handler_states[handler_num].rx_timeout = PACKET_RX_TIMEOUT;

For the App configs, it is working, but for the motor configs the payload_length is 341, but nothing is here received. So the line "if(handler_...)" is never true.

How to solve this?