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I need a minor change to my firmware

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I need a minor change to my firmware

Is there anyone here that can change the code and compile a new firmware file for me that uses ADC2 for the throttle instead of ADC1?

For some reason ADC1 has stopped working.  I read 2.8V on that pin and my hall effect throttle will no longer change it.  This happened after hitting a hard bump a few times.  I tested the throttle on ADC2 and it seems to work just fine there, the same way ADC1 worked before I hit those bumps.  

Also is there any chance that there is just a bad solder joint that I can fix?   I don't see anything between the connector and chip for the ADC1 line so I don't see how a bad connection would make it read 2.8V but maybe some other pin with a bad connection is causing the problem.  

I have FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 and vesc-tool says the firmware is V3.40 and hardware is V60 

Thanks in advance for the help,

Chris W