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Set and measure RPM - Questions

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Set and measure RPM - Questions

Hey guys,

I don't have any experiences with BLDC motors yet, but already informed me about the principle function. What I am lacking is above all experience and I really hope you can help me with that. The project I have to do has different specifications than models or motorized boards, so it is difficult for me to find the needed information.

What I need to do is rotate a plate horizontally with a given RPM (preferably also measured so I can be sure that it has exactly the wanted RPM, for example with hall probes). I also want to have different RPM in a range of around 60 to 2000 RPM (if that is possible), whereby the lower RPM is more important than the higher limit at the moment. It doesn't need to fly or to move or lift heavy loads and it also doesn't have to be small, just rotating at a given speed.

I am thankful for all tips and suggestions, but here are my most pressing questions:

* Is the VESC capable of setting and measuring the speed of my motor, from what I have seen here, I think it does?

* Is there any reason why I can't just put in a low voltage to get my motor to rotate more slowly down to the 60 RPM and if so, what kV would you recommend for my RPM range?

Thank a lot in advance!