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where to source BLDC 6.5in geared wheel?

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where to source BLDC 6.5in geared wheel?


I have managed to use VESC to control hoverboard wheels. 

I'm still struggling with the configuration to get to work in  high roque and smooth low speed. For now,

  • it is way too fast
  • the movement is not very fluid (tried with PWM, using app current mode and PID velocity modes so far)
  • the motor do not seem capable to drive 100Kg without me kicking the vehicule first. 
  • I have not tried yet but i suspect it will struggle to move up a hill
  • I have not managed to connect the wheel sensor to the board (i do not know what yellow/green/blue wire is H1/H2/H3), 
  • i have not tried the FOC mode yet

I guess that eventually I find out out to configure all this.

However, I am concerned that eventually those motors are designed for speed and not torque. I would like my wheels to have mecanical gear reduction but my hoverboard wheels do not have any. So i would like to repace those wheels with geared wheels. Ideally, it would be an internal planetary gearbox reduction all integrated in the wheel. wheel size should have a compact/modest diameter, typically 6.5 inches. For the reduction I have no clue, I guess 5:1 would be nice. 10:1 even better.

I struggle to source such wheels on aliexpress/alibaba, but i know they can be found. Does any of you use such wheels? Where do you buy them?






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You will probably not find such wheels anywhere. If they would exist, someone would have used them already and I don't know of anyone using such wheels.

What do you need such wheels for?

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China makes geared hub motors, but they tend to use plastic gears which makes them fail after a very short time compared to hub motors with direct drive.

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it turs out that I know some chinese manufacturers who produce such wheels. 

I also have a few of those but i dont know who was the producer and cannot order extra wheels. But now, i'm curious to know if the internal gearbox is made of plastics or metal (i'd bet on metal, but i did not see them)

Besides, even if I knew, it's good to share advice about manufacturers who make good quality/price tradeoff, instead of spending weeks/months, in trying out various chinese products myself.

I need that gearbow to trade speed for torque