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outdated vesc firmware troubles

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outdated vesc firmware troubles


I bought my VESC over a year ago for a diy skateboard project I have not completed and put aside. Recently I have given it another attempt. However when trying to configure the VESC and motor, my firmware is outdated so upon attempting to download and update to a newer version it aborts and fails. The vesc is fully powered and there seems to be no problems as the motor spins and works so far with the use of the controller. So it is extremely frustrating because I dont know what is wrong and it wont let me update newer compatible firmware to the vesc.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong, appreciate the help.

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Somehow it sounds like there is no bootloader on your VESC available to update it over USB. I could be wrong, but that would be my guess. When that is the case you can use a ST-LinkV2 to flash the bootloader and the new firmware and afterwards just update over USB normally. When I remember correctly Benjamin also did some magic to somehow implement bootloader update over USB without the bootloader being installed first. Maybe you could search for a little bit more info about that and then try the "bootloader" choice under the "firmware" tab in VESC Tool. But no guarantees that it actually works that way and you don't brick it and need a ST-Link for recovery.

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I confirm the above!

You need to use ST-link V2 and its native program to download the bootloader "hex" or "bin" (for example: ​40_o_47_o_48_o_410_o_411_o_412_o_DAS_RS.bin ) at 0x080E0000

and then download the firmware, you are interested in in the BIN file format  at 0x08000000

Vesc-tool  is doubtful it works with the download and update the bootloader, as I see


Here's where to find firmware (for e-bike) that would, if you do so during the installation in the settings "use ADC" and the just connection of the throttle (with a Hall sensor SS49E) to the input of the ADC, do not disconnect the USB, or rather, did not disappear virtual COM-port, would be runing internal program Vesc and VESC would not be converted into a brick - this question is more difficult

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friend I have the same problem, VESC TOOL does not allow me to update the firmware, this link that you leave here is to download the firmware and install it in the vesc?  or specifically, what else is there to download?  and where can I download it?  I'm riding is an electric longboard, and the vesc I have uses firmware 4.10

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my vesc tool wont even be recognized by my laptop.