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ackmaniac app stopped working ?

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ackmaniac app stopped working ?


recently the ackmaniac app kind of stopped working , it connects but would only read the min and max settings but received no other info like battery voltage, motor current,speed.

i updated to firmware 3.40  now it does nothing other than connect .

anyone have any ideas as to whats broken ?

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I've had the same problem over the last few months where I lost that communication functionality after an update of the app and/or VESC firmware. (Because there's no ChangeLog or old versions available for the app, it's hard to exactly pinpoint what exactly did screw things up). I was running ADC + UART if that matters.

I got that restored by installing the firmware that comes with Ackmaniac's VESC tool. (3.102 I think).

That's quite a messy situation though to have those kind of incompatibilities...