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Vesc slow speed BLDC without coging

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Vesc slow speed BLDC without coging

if any one can help i am trying to find the best way to run my Chinese bldc in hub motor with hall sensors this is not on a skateboard so dosen't need high torque just needs to run smoothly at low rpms and start cleanly controed by a pwm rc controler im using a 50W vesc v4.12 at the moment and getting best results using bldc set up over foc but its not ideal as its for a camera rig i was using arduino with puls in and a stepper motor but that was ok but still pretty clunky and noisy even using interrupts any help would be much appreciated nice one ig

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Every hub motor I have run has no cogging with the VESC 4. They were made by Segway so that may be why, well made motors. Run the motor configuration wizard, set to FOC, measure FOC values, and hall sensor table, should work great. If not, get a better motor with less cogging.