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Cut-out at >40A

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Cut-out at >40A


I've got a persistent problem with one of my Vesc's (4.12), it seems to loose tracking at currents above 40A (motor)

If i set motor current to 35A it works fine, sort of fine around 39A and it's always a problem above 40A.. There are no fault codes or any led error-codes.

When it happens the current graph is all over the place and the erpm graph drops like a stone. The motor shakes/vibrates like crazy. Everything returns to normal if i lower the throttle input.

I've changed:

  • DRV
  • Fets
  • Gate & pull down resistors
  • MCU (fried the usb input)
  • Shunt series resistors (Drv input)

This board have had it's Q6 to GND trace burned off previously and I can't remember if I got it working properly after that. That happened when I was trying to get FOC working sensorless.

I've already ordered another one but I would like to get this one working as well. 

Any theories?