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Prevent Wheel-slip by low-pass filtering duty cycle output

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Prevent Wheel-slip by low-pass filtering duty cycle output

Hi All, recently I have replaced the original ESC in my Evolve Gen2 Carbon board with a VESC. The performance increase is enormous, much of which I attribute to a higher motor current setting than perhaps the original controller was using. I also guess that Evolve did not use current-control, but rather some kind of hybrid duty control.

The result is that when I have medium-high throttle, I get constant small wheel slip as my wheels go over bumps and their grip momentarily decreases. I believe this is because the VESC is attempting to keep the motor current constant (40A) and so due to the loss of traction, will instantly increase the duty cycle and hence cause the wheel to slip.

What I would really like is a low-pass filter on the duty-cycle output of the drive algorithm. The effect would be that if I am commanding 40A, and the duty cycle is 40%, a wheel's loss of traction will not allow the duty cycle to increase extremely quickly and cause wheel slip. Any ideas?