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Please explain the parameters in VESC-Tool

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Please explain the parameters in VESC-Tool

Hello all,

I'm a newbee in electronics sad. Could you share with us some technical papers or book talking about the parameters in the BLDC Motors.
Because I didn't understand which are meaning of some technical term like:

Min- Max ERPM, Integrator Limit, BEMF Coupling, BR ERPM,.....

Any help would be appreciated,

Screenshot_from_2018_09_05_16_36_33 Screenshot_from_2018_09_05_16_36_51  

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This is not VESC-Tool. You must have downloaded BLDC-Tool somewhere, but not from this site.

The old BLDC-Tool you show should not be used any longer.

VESC-Tool has wizards and there is a manual for it in DOKUMENTATION.

Please download VESC-Tool from this website.


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After I download it from Git.

How do I run it?

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Just click on VESC Tool tab at the top of this website, go checkout, then click on purchaed files, top right.