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FOC configuration when resistance is measured as R=0.

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Roger Wolff
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FOC configuration when resistance is measured as R=0.

My VESC6 with a bog standard bike-hub-motor runs the "RL measurement" as "R=0, please measure it first". 


I don't understand where this comes from and I can't run the other detections. The resistance is not extremely low. The terminal "measure_res" command returns 136 mOhm. 


It would be nice if the VESC_TOOL would allow me to enter such a resistance and allow me to continue the detection process instead of blocking the detection completely.


I might have reported this before, but then I was running my own hardware, so the possibiility existed that it was some weird effect from my hardware, but in this case I'm running a stock (beta) VESC6,  with the firmware included in the latest vesc_tool. (0.95). 

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have you been able to solve this issue?
I'd be interested in some more infos since I got the same error message.

In my case I'm pretty sure, that I produced the error by myself setting something wrong.

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Did you ever manage to get over this error? I have it and can't seem to get past it!