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Different HW versions for V6?!

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Marc Pflugmann
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Different HW versions for V6?!


looking for V6 HW I found 2 different versions from TRAMPA:

The technical features look different in some parts of the descriptions and then change to become the same?

- 3.5mm vs 4mm bullet connectors (description changes to 4mm)
- NRF and no NRF (description lists NRF feature on both)
- Current 80A, max current 120A vs 150A
- how about the 9-axis MotionTracking feature??

Main question is now:

- is it well known that there are 2 versions available? Are both available (or was the NRF version dropped)?
- do both versions support NRF?
- as the price is the same, is there a difference at all?

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Hi, all VESC 6 come without NRF and 4.0mm bullet connectors.

This is the link: