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Defining when Watt-hour / Amp-hour Data are rezeroed

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Defining when Watt-hour / Amp-hour Data are rezeroed

I am trying to get a better understanding of when watt-hour data gets rezeroed on the VESC and on the app (ESC Monitor). I know that every time the VESC is power cycled, the displayed DISTANCE and WATT-HOUR data on the app are rezeroed. However, I noticed that the estimated remaining RANGE seems to use WATT-HOUR data that is not rezeroed when board is power cycled. This is a good thing, because obviously you may turn off your board mid-ride and not want to lose that data.

So my questions:

  1. When is Watt-hour data actually rezeroed (regardless of what’s displayed on the app)? Is it when battery voltage is let’s say about 41.9V (an indication that a 10S battery has been fully charged)?  Can the user define this voltage at which the Watt-hour/Amp-hour data should be rezeroed?

  2. Since the consumed Watt-hour data seems to be saved after powercyling the board (as indicated by remaining range), why are you not displaying this non-zeroed data in the app after powercycling? It would be nice if the app showed remaining battery capacity based on remaining Watt-hour (not voltage as it does now which is a lot less accurate). In other words, let’s say you define the pack as having 100 Watt-hours in the app, and you have consumed 25 watt-hours, then the app should show that you have 75% battery left. and this data should not be lost or rezeroed upon powercycling. The only time that this data should be rezeroed is when battery voltage goes above let’s say 41.9V (indicating the battery has been fully charged).

Please consider these changes to the VESC firmware/ app, as it would make the battery gauge a lot more accurate. Is there any reason this hasn’t been implemented already?