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[SOLVED]Motors "blocking totally" when throttling, after running VESC setup.

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[SOLVED]Motors "blocking totally" when throttling, after running VESC setup.

Hi guys,


I hope you can help me.

Got a new Trampa MTB with dual VESC 6 setup.

Now, setting up the VESCs it runs through the setup just fine for both the VESCs, and it looks like the setup for my remote control is just fine aswell.. Now i get an issue I've never had before setting up an ESC.


If i try to throttle motors up in the VESC tool using either the remote, or the arrows in the VESC tool, the motors just really blocks up real good. You can't spin them anywhere! Regenerative breaking is working fine though.


I'm running trampa's 154 kv 6364 motors, generic maytech remote and reciever, and a homemade li ion battery 2*6s5p in serial made out of 20700 cells with plenty of power.


Anyone who has a possible fix, or know the issue?


EDIT: I installed the software on another computer and ran the setup again. Everything seems to work fine now, even though it still had FOC hall sensor bad reading.