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VESC Error "No firmware response"

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VESC Error "No firmware response"

Hey guys!

I have the following problem:

Last year (November) I build with my pupils e-longboards at school. Now 7 month later we want to reactivate the project.
But now I have the problem to get the error "no firmware response" when I connect the VESC with my laptop. For some seconds there is the sign "connected" and then the error follows. 
I also tried different cables and it is the problem with every board (strange).

Maybe my software is to old (also downloaded in November last year) to work with the firmware?

HW V4.12
HW V2.18

I would welcome your respone!
Best wishes

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When the firmware would just be to old you would get an other message I think, but I am not 100% sure with firmwares < 3.XX. Did you tried with the old "BLDC-Tool? Do the LEDs of the VESC lit up normal when you powering just the unconnected VESC on? And did you also tried with another PC?