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Phase current limit mismatch

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Phase current limit mismatch

Hello. I have a strange issue with my VESC 4.12. I have been using this VESC with firmware 3.34 up to 3.38 now and I am noticing something wrong about the phase current limit. 

In my configuration I had set the phase current limit to 100A. After doing a data log with my VESC during a ride, I noticed that the phase current was being limited at ~68A. The battery current limits are working fine, but the phase current limit is off for some reason.

To combat this, I switched to the "no limits" firmware version and set the phase current limit to 140A. This resulted in an actual limit of ~95A, which is near what I wanted in the first place. This is interesting because 95A is roughly 2/3 of 140A, just as 68A is roughly 2/3 of 100A.

I have also used my data logger on my friend's system which is using the same motor as me. His limiting values match with the measured values. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.