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Storing VESC Tool data for later analysis

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Storing VESC Tool data for later analysis

Hi all,

Currently, I am using the VESC tool on my laptop to visualize the data sent from my VESC, however, I would like to get full tests in without needing to be connected to my laptop.

I saw some older posts about communicating with the VESC over UART with a microcontroller, but I only want to read data from the VESC. Is there a way to read the data that the VESC sends over the USB, store it during a test, and then analyze it later? I'm assuming the VESC cannot control the motor and write to storage simultaneously, but could I connect a microcontroller to sample from the VESC at specified intervals and write to the local storage? 

Any guidance from previous projects or info about the best microcontrollers to do this would be greatly appreciated!