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Enabling CAN Communication between VESC and BMS

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Enabling CAN Communication between VESC and BMS


I have a VESC  setup where it communicates with a Battery Management System (BMS) through the CAN port. Now, I need to receive this CAN data from the VESC's UART port to my microcontroller unit (im using an ESP32). 

I've been exploring the VESC Project repository and attempted to incorporate the CAN protocol into my project based on the resources provided. However, I'm encountering challenges in successfully extracting the CAN communication part due to numerous dependencies.

Could anybody please provide guidance on how to enable CAN communication on the VESC, particularly focusing on configuring the VESC to transmit CAN data over UART? Any insights, resources, or code snippets that could simplify this integration process would be immensely helpful.

Thanks in advance.