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pulsation at mid speed

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pulsation at mid speed

hi im using a flipsky 75200 pro v2 on a ebike with hub motor.  running 16s batt at 250 phase amps.  under acceleration i am getting a pulsation around maybe 15-20mph on the way up to the top speed of 40mph. it occurs for about 2-3 seconds.  its not severe and i dont notice any change in how much it accelerates.  its not bucking or cogging. its kind of a high frequency vibration i can feel through motor/frame. but basically it doesnt feel like its going to break anything and i could live with it if i cant change it.  i am just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if there was a setting they changed to address it.  i am on the stock firmware it came with labeled 75_300_r2 version 6.02.  i am aware of the flipsky 75x00 firmware issues, but have read the pro v2s should be left alone as they have some changes.  i have tried casainhos bin file as well for 75200alu with no noticeable difference i can include pics of my current settings but i dont know how to attach pictures here. -edit nvm found it