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Quala-T power switch keeps switching off

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Quala-T power switch keeps switching off

I'm setting up my VESC 6 edu with Quala-T switch and am having some issues. When the switch is hooked up, every now and then the VESC suddenly turns off and the light on the switch goes out. First I thought it was a mechanical problem of the switch, but later found out that every time I start the real time data stream from the VESC tool it is guaranteed to switch off, even if the motor is not running and hardly any power is drawn.
When I disconnect the switch the VESC always stays on and has no issues with real time data stream or whatever I do. So somehow something causes the switch circuit to fail.

I'm not sure how the switch circuit works. Has anyone here had this problem and knows how to fix it? I'm Currently running it from a lab power supply at 12.8V with a 15A current limit.