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wrong amps reading (realtime data)

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wrong amps reading (realtime data)

finally off the bench and on the street, pulled away slowly all good, decided to try a little faster, and yes a little faster.....a very little...

vesc app shows 70-90 amps, watts shows 5-600, battery is about 75v....even the math doesnt work... 

Bms app shows about 7a, and 500w, it doesnt even match acceleration to the 350w folding but I guess its 4x as heavy.

makerbase new 84200hp v1/a, 20s/84v, mxus 3k turbo


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I have a similar problem.
System voltage is 72V. The VESC app shows about 350W power at 29A current. Since one of the values cannot be correct, I put my clamp ammeter in the line to check and measured a current of approx. 5A, which matches the power of 350W.

I would suggest an incorrect setting, but then I wonder why VESC does not record the actual measured data. So a hardware error after all?