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VESC in R/C car

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VESC in R/C car

Hi guys,

I have an R/C car with 4 electric motors and will switch to VESC (it uses right now a 4in1 drone ESC). What I needed to set up: CAN bus communication through an ESP32 using MCP2515 board. I need 4 "master" ESC as I read about it, I will manage the wheel RPMs from my code, so the 4 VESC need to work independently. Every VESC must have: throttle (it's simple :)), freewheeling and some kind of brake. My problem is the regen brake, that in R/C cars there are no BMS, without balancing it's not a good thing to charge like 5A into the battery... In the 4in1 ESC I've used the "brake on stop", or "handbrake" function to stop the rotors, shortening the coils. It was like an ABS, the firmware turned on and off the signal depending on the brake level. There are any feature in the VESC to use proportional braking without regen? Or I need to use the "handbrake" feature?

Any help are welcome, thanks guys!