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Vesc4 have 2 Analog output pins?

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Vesc4 have 2 Analog output pins?

Does the Vesc4 have two Analog output pins and two analog input pins I can use for a project? I can rework the board but couldn't find any on the schematic and wondering if they just aren't there or if I'm missing something. Thanks!

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PA4 and PA5 are the DAC output pins. You don't get to reconfigure that anywhere else. You'll have to look up if that's wired to something important, and/or if you can put that on another pin.... 


PA4 and PA5 are probably used for analog in. You're going to run out of analog in options if you need two extra analog in pins. Can you use "EXT" and "EXT2" for analog in?


Keep in mind that the DAC is a bit lousy. Either you get "no buffering" so the output impedance is on the order of several hundred K OHM (I don't know the number by heart anymore). Or you can enable the buffer and you lose the 0-100mV and VCC-100mV to VCC ranges.