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ADC2 - I just can’t figure it out

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ADC2 - I just can’t figure it out

I have a FOCBOX Unity and I have a Stormcore 60D and I feel like I have a really good grasp of both the hardware and the software aspects of using them yet I have one issue that I have been beating my head against the wall, trying to figure out, to no avail. I have been building this freak show of a scooter for the better part of three years now and I have 5 electric skateboards that the VESCs have made their rounds through... anyway, the Stormcore ADC1 and ADC2 both work as they should, e-bike throttle for go on ADC1 and a brake lever for slow on ADC2 but when I try to swap in the FOCBOX ADC1 works as it should but ADC2 (if not grayed out) just sits at a float voltage of 1.6V +\- no matter what I do. Potentiometer connected to it, brake lever connected to it, throttle connected to it, nothing connected to it, regardless if ADC1 is connected or not. I've tried using pull up's and pull downs and push sideways (joke) but alas ADC2 just sits there having a seizure at approx 1.6V. I have tried downgrading firmware, I have tried reinstalling the unity firmware, I've tried installing 6.02 from different computers. 

Anyway... I think you get the point now. Regardless of what I do, ADC2 is dead as a doornail on my FOCBOX unity.  I bought both units brand new, and as far as I know, I've never done anything to compromise either of them. I would be extremely grateful if somebody was able to offer a solution.