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NEW HARDWARE RELEASED!!! | DF_ESC Electric Motor Controller | YouTube Series Walkthrough

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NEW HARDWARE RELEASED!!! | DF_ESC Electric Motor Controller | YouTube Series Walkthrough


Hello Everyone!

I have just released the video series on the DF_ESC project.
If anyone is interested in how the whole project has been developed, I have created a YouTube playlist that goes into the details, from the specifications, schematics, pcb layout and more.

You can see the completed device here:

The whole playlist, you can find it here:

Here is also the GitHub page for the project:


I will have several boards ready to purchase soon. 
For those of you interested, you can get in touch at

Keep Designing,


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It's great to see yet another design of a VESC running controller but why don't you do yourself a favor and tell the community how you differentiate and why anyone should bother recreating your design and not simply by one of Maytech, FlipSky, or similar? 



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Congratulations You just bake fresh VESC hw 6.+ . I personally see the value of project in he's step by step tutorial, how he is choose components with explanation why and where to put it . As not many knows how is actually pcb "functional" design is works, and why is other pcb lay out is fault. I see it is as THE BEST tutorial on UTUBE. according esc making. AS WE see Benjamin is very busy with other thinks. One man can't  change a hall world it is take a many, Thanks to all of YOU many, for sharing a knowledge...

Some small humble remarks : To remove D13; D3 on power buss as DIODE's "cristal" create nose as osciflator in time of sadden voltage drop in rail..(MCU operation weary nosy)  D6; D8; it is comm ports supply as +3 and +5,  D11 replace with 100R for safety measure for MCU. As +5 rail have 30uF bif it up on +3 to same 30uF to keep nose low in +3 rail.  Now very imported protection or separation of ESC from host PC it is can come to catastrophe if one of part is will go wrong NEED of placement of UF switching diode 100V  from VBUS of USB to +5 preferably direct connection to inductor L1 VBUS must have C 2U2 low ESR for MCU host detection from PC (switching synchronization).

As Dario started Hes journey on Utube to attract to hes canal weavers kipe posting videos of development in VESC tool thanks to Benjamin VESC have SO MANY variables and unexplored thinks and now how do they change performance or operation ...E.T. S of motor .

Good Lack.