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Dual Motor Tracked vehicle

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Dual Motor Tracked vehicle

Just starting out so I have probably made a load of mistakes already.

I'll be using a Flipsky 6.7 dual VESC and 2 x 6374 Alien Power 200KV Sensored (hall) outrunner motors. Battery will be a 36AH 24v Lifepo4 all PPM controlled via 2 RC channels (left and right track)

The project is a radio controlled Tank in 1/6 scale, I need forward and reverse but no regenerative braking or even braking as such. I'm changing from 350w DC motors and esc just to try it out.

I have it all setup on a bench test and I have both motors running as intended. Im using "Current" as control type

Initial testing is showing the motors as very lively and On/Off, i need smooth and slow. Maybe different under load.

Confused about battery cell is mine 7?, as google suggests 8 or 12 cells depending on battery type, im sure I have 3.3v cells so 7 seems right to me.

Any guidance as to what I should look for in the setup as its a lot different to what we are used to.


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I'm sure you've moved on from this point already, but if you're still working on the battery, Lifepo4 cells typically use 8 cells in series for a 24v battery.  Regular Lipo cells use 7 because they have a higher nominal voltage than Lifepo4. 

I just built something similar and am currently converting two separate bldc controllers to a Flipsky 75100 dual vesc.  It has 2 72v 3000w bldc electric gokart motors (1 for each track).  I'm new to VESC's and just received the Flipsky, so we'll see how it goes.