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VESC Express firmware 6.02 freezes

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VESC Express firmware 6.02 freezes


i am trying  to run VESC Express on ESP32 (Luatos ESP32C3 board). First i flashed firmware 6.00 and board started working as expected. I can read realtime data in VESC tool but SD card is not working. Should I be able to record data to SD card on this fw version? I also tried newer fw version 6.02 to check if my SD card will work, but when i flashed it, it did not boot. When i compiled firmware from github and connected GDB, ESP stops working at "VFS console register" esp-idf/components/esp_system/startup.c:302.

I am trying to use VESC Express to record data from my E-bike to my formal thesis. Board has ESP32C3 rev. 0.3 . Did anyone tried to run VESC express fw on this board?