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Latched power switch on Trampa VESC 6 75A

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Latched power switch on Trampa VESC 6 75A


I got my first VESC project and I'm having a blast with it. Replaced the original ESC on a electric scooter(moped) with a VESC. 

I'd like to use the original key to power on/off the VESC, but I can't seem to get it to work since it's latched. It only seems to work if I turn the key off/on/off (pulsing it manually lol). I've read many places that they've got latched switches to work on their VESC, but it doesnt seem like I can do it. 

Am I missing something? 

I've temporarily solved it atm. by connecting kill switch through the key, and set the sleep timer to 1 minute. Not really sure how effective this is, as the bluetooth module is still powered after 1 minute. 


Anyways, thanks so much in advance!