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Current Spikes when reaching a certain RPM

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Current Spikes when reaching a certain RPM


I am using a diy VESC 75/300(The version with separate gate drivers) with the major modification being on board plugs for better packaging. Everything is working well, except if the ERPM reaches a certain amount (depending on the foc settings, but between 20000 and 35000 ERPM). Then the motor current spikes from 15A to >250A for no apparent reason and the vesc throws an abs overcurrent error.

Motor Specs: 4 Poles, max RPM 30000, Max peak power 10kW, max continuos Power 5kW

The motor was so far only run without load. The Sensoreless Start EPRM is set to 15000 therefore the fault occurs in sensorless mode. Until 15000 ERPM hall sensors are used.

Measuring the current sense signal with an oscilloscope shows no reasonable change when the error occurs (or I didnt notice it ...).



Did anyone experience the same problem, or has a clue where this is coming from?


Greetings Jan



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Check the system noise at load, I had a similar issue, was resolved by placing a lot of bulk caps very close to fets