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Flipsky VESC 75200 replacement parts

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Flipsky VESC 75200 replacement parts


new here not sure if this is the right forum category for this, anyways . . 

I have the older version of the Flipksy 75200 VESC which I blew some components on the back of the board when I tried to run it on BLDC mode instead of the normal FOC. It looks like they are direct MOSFETs? 

Does anyone know where/ and if I could purchase new ones? The number on them is IYR 7769 JHZU 1332, with the Y looking more like a upside down triangle with a vertical line through it. 


picture 1.jpg

Also let me know if this seems plausible to fix it.  

Or if there is some way I could purchase the complete bottom PCB instead, 


picture 2.jpg

Thanks in advance 

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This one is dead. There is no Fix

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I have some of these lying around I no longer need, let me know if you'd like to purchase one.