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Bench Testing

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Bench Testing

Starting a new project helping a friend get his e-skate setup so Im learning from the ground up.  I checked all his wiring and it looks good.  He has the Flipsky FSESC4.20 100A and 2 - Flipsky 6354 / 190v motors from a few years ago, but they never got the unit running because they couldnt figure out the software setup side of things.  I loaded VESC tool and went step by step as Flipskys youtube video recommended but because the software is much newer things were obviously slightly different looking.  I did get several warnings that the firmware was out of date but Flipskys website says to stay with what ships (is this still valid or should I update?).  Using the medium motor options as in their video we put in the other settings as close to what we could find specs for.  It uploaded fine and both wheels started working (I did not have to use inverted on the other motor which I felt was odd because the motors are the same but mounted on opposing wheels so they should need to turn opposite (maybe it just knew somehow).  It did detect the motors successfully with some variation between both but Im not sure what would be significant enough to consider an issue.  His remote was already synced and working.  We did some brief testing but he didnt have a full charge so we were limited.  What I noticed was that the ESC #1 Wheel would spin/slow down at a different rate then as the other wheel so they were not in sync.  The wheels do have their Hall sensors plugged in.  So I need some way to calibrate the wheels to each other to prevent torque steer or similar issues.  Also is there any post setup testing / tuning I should look to do or features to enable based on this motor package setup?   I saw logging in VESC tool but I didnt see how to get it downloaded or enabled (is it always on?).  Once we get a the battery charged we will have the time to do more testing so I want to do some research and be ready.  Do you have any recommended videos or guides for tuning?  Thanks