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Accidentally Bricked MakerX Go-Foc D60

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Accidentally Bricked MakerX Go-Foc D60

Hi all, I have a brand new MakerX D60 vesc and it won't connect to my computer anymore. I also have a MakerX DV6 that I was using for a bit, but I switched to the D60 to see how they compare. The D60 worked well for a while, but after plugging it back in to my laptop and VESC Tool, it immediatly reset the vesc to factory values and erased all my settings and values I'd set up for my eboard. I disconnected the vesc and reconnected it to see if it was just a bug, but my settings still weren't there. I decided to re enter all my settings and save them to a flash drive incase they were erased again. Much to my dismay, every time I connected my vesc to the VESC Tool, the settings erased themselves. I decided to put the D60 to the side and go back to my DV6 for the time being. Recently I got a new Carbon Deck with a built-in charge port, battery % display, and power button, So I decided to go back and try the D60 again as the DV6 does not use a power button and the D60 does. The D60 now wont even connect to my computer via usb port, and it wont connect via bluetooth module either. I get an error saying my firmware is out of date, but I can't connect the vesc to the VESC Tool to update the firmware. I can only assume that I somehow bricked the vesc, as the result of all my research on the symptoms point towards a bricked vesc. I don't have a SWD Programmer and have been hesitant on buying one due to the lack of information I could find around fixing a bricked MakerX vesc. I don't think the D60 has a SWD port, or it doesn't have one labeled "SWD" or with the pins that match the ones I've seen on other vescs in videos. The pins could just be called something else, but I dont have enough experience or knowledge to know if they mean the same thing. The ports (with pin labels) the vesc has are as follows: two Comms ports (5v, 3.3v, GND, AD1, RX, TX, A2, A3), two hall sensor ports (5v, TEMP, H1, H2, H3, GND), two reciever ports (GND, 5v, PWM), another reciever port (GND, CNH, CNL), and a power button port (VBAT, SW, GND, 5v). The only port I think could potentially work as a SWD port would be the power button port, as it has the most similar pin labels to the videos and forums I've seen. The pins I've seen for a SWD port are labeled SWD port and have pins labeled VCC, CLK, GND, and IO. I'm assuming these would correspond to the ones I mentioned on my vesc, but I'm not sure. The Is there a way to salvage my vesc? I have been unsuccessful in finding solutions or information on anything MakerX makes so I am having some issues and don't want to try something that could potentially make my situation worse. Cheers!