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Duty vs RPM for smooth start and slow running

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Duty vs RPM for smooth start and slow running


I'm using a sensored 200KV motor for my project, controlling the RPM over UART with the VESC in FOC mode. One of my objectives is to get smooth, jerk free, acceleration.  I'm noticing a little jerk when the motor starts to move, even at the minimal RPM (which for my motor seems to be at 900 RPM). When I use the VESC tool I can avoid that little jerk when I use a very low Duty (0.02), instead of the minimal RPM. 

Is this something I can change by calibrating my motor differently or is there another way to get really smooth startup of motion while still using RPM? It would be great if I could move the motor with RPM as slow as I can with Duty but I can't figure out how to configure the VESC to do that either.